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These are my custom linux distributions based on Arch Linux. I have built several different flavors. See below for version descriptions and how to install them.

All versions can be install for i686 (32bit) or amb64 (64bit). If you install using the i686 live cd, it installs i686, if you install using the amd64 live cd, it installs amd64.

Do NOT install these distros. These are personal distros, very rough installer, can easily ruin your data! Do NOT USE!

Shell Arch KDE4 Version[-][--][++]

This distro uses KDE4 as the desktop environment.

I want all packages listed here

  1. Archbase, grub2, kdm, kde4
  2. Installed Size: 2302MB

.screenshot01_preview.jpg .screenshot02_preview.jpg

Install Install[-][--][++]

This is the generic installation procedure for all of my ArchLinux distros. You only need to substitute the correct script download for each distro (kde4, openbox, enlightenment...)

  1. Download the latest installer CD or USB image for Arch Linux i686 or x64
    1. Goto
    2. Find a mirror close to you (in the USA)
    3. You will see a list of folders, open the newest one (ex: 2009.08)
    4. If you are burning to a CD, pick a .ISO file, if you are using a USB key, download the .img
      1. I usually go with the netinstall since they are small and download quickly
      2. So for a i686 (32bit) install CD, an example file would be archlinux-2009.08-netinstall-i686-isolinux.iso
      3. Or archlinux-2009.08-netinstall-x86_64-isolinux.iso for a 64bit install (use this if you have a 64 bit processor)
  2. Burn the .ISO to a CD or see to get the downloaded .IMG file to a USB memory stick
  3. Boot from the CD or USB key
  4. At the first screen after boot, login with root
  5. Configure your network by typing
    1. Note, eth0 is usually your wired ethernet card, most will choose eth0
    2. And most will simply choose DHCP yes
aif -p partial-configure-network

# When done, you can test if you have internet access by typing

# You should get a continuous response of
64 bytes from b1.www... (209.191...): icmp_seq=x ttl=xx time=xx ms

# That means internet is good. Press ctrl+c to stop the ping process
  1. Now download the installer scripts for whichever distro version you want by typing
    1. Arch KDE4 Version
  1. Arch Openbox Version
coming soon
  1. Now make the script executable by typing
chmod a+x
  1. Now start the installation script by typing
  1. Follow all the instructions, then type reboot when the installer has finished
  2. After the first reboot, the installer will continue setup.